The Works section is devoted to latest works from the commercial creative world focusing mostly on the local market.

Team Markedium is relentlessly working to build a meaningful category that allows the readers to understand the ins and outs


of any commercial work from any industry players (brands or agencies).

So, next time you have an urge to find any latest commercial or know about the current trends in the advertising industry for both the local or global market, you know where to search.

What you can expect?

In this section, you will find the cover stories of all the noticeable commercials such as TVC, Print Ads, Activation Campaigns, PR Stunts etc.

So, what we do basically?

Our goal is to make sure that our readers or anyone who has interest in the Marketing Industry of Bangladesh always find a place where they can keep themselves updated about the latest works in the industry. Does that mean we don’t cover global campaigns? No way! This is your one step solution to know about the marketing industry of both Bangladesh and rest of the world.

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