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They say some cities never sleep. Maybe. Let’s look a little closer. Even when the city sleeps, which houses have their lights on? Who are the ones up late at night, changing the world? Who are the night owls lighting up the dark? Millennials. The ones who dream. The ones who innovate. They are the ones who never stop. While they are busy changing the world, who will support them? In their pilot OVC, Buy Here Now assures millennials fast delivery, 24/7


As one of the very first 24/7 food delivery service providers in Dhaka, BHN has always targeted the millennials. Their value proposition is truly unique; 40-minutes food delivery, 24/7. Although the brand serves in specific areas of the urban region, their target market has always been the youth, mostly.

In their inaugural online video commercial, BHN has executed an energetic content targeted to the millennials. The entire video commercial is enriched by a strong, determined background voice of a woman. As the woman speaks, we can feel the rush of adrenaline in our blood.

Throughout the whole video, the voice champions youthfulness, mentioning almost every genre of the population. From innovators to experimenters, rule breakers to no-fakers, gamer to geeks, you name it. The visuals of the campaign align with the tone, complementing it all throughout.


The OVC has a fast-paced execution appeal, resembling the lifestyle of the youth. We see a plethora of the young population in their element, late at night. Crafting ideas, re-imagining tomorrow, redefining each day.

BHN, in their pilot OVC reaches out to all the night owls, who are busy changing the world.

Their promise is simple.

As the millennials are busy changing the world, Buy Here Now is busy making sure you have everything you need.

Buy Here Now; Awake. Ready to deliver. 24/7.

A unique content execution, catered to the youth.

What are your thoughts on Buy Here Now’s latest campaign? For more updates, be with Markedium.

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