Switzerland Tourism Introduces New Brand Identity After 30 Years2 min read

Switzerland Tourism (ST) has launched an innovative branding initiative, unveiling “Switzerland” as its new comprehensive tourism brand world. Introduced in Geneva, this marks a significant evolution from the longstanding “Goldflower” logo, which has been synonymous with Swiss tourism for nearly three decades.

The Transformation from “Goldflower” to “Switzerland”

Established in 1995, the “Swiss Transport Center SVZ” evolved into what is now Switzerland Tourism, the national tourism marketing organization. Alongside this transformation, the “Goldflower” logo was introduced, becoming a cornerstone for Swiss tourism marketing and an emblem recognized by both locals and visitors alike.

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However, in response to the evolving demands of modern branding, ST has developed a fresh, digitally-focused identity that transcends the traditional logo to encompass a complete brand world. This new branding not only promotes Switzerland as a destination but also supports tourists throughout their entire travel experience, from initial inspiration to the planning stages.

The New “Switzerland” Brand

“Switzerland,” exclusively in English, reflects the nation’s commitment to nature, hospitality, and reliability as a travel destination. The updated brand replaces the “T” in “Switzerland” with a Swiss cross, symbolizing the country’s trustworthy origins. This cross is not merely a national emblem but has been stylized with five shades of red, representing modernity, diversity, and independence.

New Switzerland Tourism Logo

A Brand for All Swiss Tourism Stakeholders

The ethos of the “Goldflower” is not lost but rather enhanced in the new “Switzerland” brand, which aims to represent all hospitality hosts across the country. By doing so, ST aims to provide guidance and foster trust within the tourism sector.

New Switzerland Tourism Logo 1 2

This comprehensive brand world is designed for versatility across various channels and is set to be rolled out globally. The transition, overseen by Martin Nydegger, Director of ST, is anticipated to span a few months, promising a modern, forward-looking identity that will resonate both within and beyond the realm of tourism.

The Role of MADE Identity in Developing “Switzerland”

The Zurich-based branding agency, MADE Identity, played a pivotal role in crafting the new “Switzerland” brand. Their strategy focused on enhancing international visibility through a unified branding approach, optimizing digital, tactile, and spatial impact, and creating a seamless travel experience for visitors.

This rebranding initiative by Switzerland Tourism is expected to significantly influence not only the tourism industry but also the broader perception of Switzerland internationally.
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