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Markedium is the first of its kind daily must-read content hub for all the enthusiasts who carry the fascination about these two everchanging and transforming industries. Our dedicated content writers are always devoted to present our readers with all the upcoming and latest happenings in Bangladesh addressing the marketing and business industry.

With the vision of creating a well-informed community that can address the prominent issues, Markedium is working relentlessly to provide our readers with the best possible platform to ensure their hunch for these two transforming sectors gets accelerated.

Providing our readers with all the exciting and upbringing latest and buzzing affairs from these two evolving industries is our mission.

We have a soft spot for both the startups who are becoming one of the major driving forces of country’s economy and also for the big guns who are about to enter the exciting market of 160m consumers.

What can you expect from this category?

From starting to companies entering Bangladesh with proper FDI to with their production facilities and how the everchanging industry will get delighted about brands coming up with additional or new services, you can get informed about everything. Worrying about missing out on global latest happenings?

Don’t worry, we have got that covered too! All you need to do is just-


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Latest Happenings

Shipment Price Raised By DHL!!

DHL has garnered a staggering reputation as the world’s leading express service provider. The company serves in almost all countries with over 380,000 employees working in over 220 territories. Yesterday, the company announced a 4.9% increase in shipment rate as a move to adjust its annual price. In a press release, the company announced that the…

Huawei Comes Forward Yet Again!!

The monsoon floods in Bangladesh has caused severe devastation over the past few months. Added with the torrential…

Why Did Google Remove Paytm App From Play Store? Here’s Why.

Ever since launching in 2010, Paytm has served as one of, if not India’s largest mobile payment platform. In early…

TikTok, Wechat will No Longer Be Available In US App Stores

Meanwhile, The US government announced a ban TikTok by September 15 if no further deal takes place. Be that as it may, the rising video platform declared a joint-venture with Oracle, pending US approval. However, it looks like that wasn’t enough to save it from the penalties. The US Department of Commerce has declared that both TikTok and…

The Government Reduced Bike Registration Fee Under 10%

To begin with, the motorcycle sector in Bangladesh is yet growing positively amid various inconveniences like…

Runner Invests Tk 300cr On Bajaj Three Wheelers

Runner Automobiles Ltd, recently announced to invest Tk300 crore for manufacturing Bajaj three-wheelers. Moreover,…

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