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Markedium is a platform on the rise with an aim to create the biggest channel for marketing news and events in the country. About Markedium one will find all the relevant content regarding marketing, PR, 360 Degree Marketing, etc.

Not Your Regular Online Platform!

Conceived out of the thought of creating the bridge between the Industry and Academia to reduce the existing gap by creating an impactful content hub. Markedium is a daily must-read online platform on the rise to create the biggest channel for marketing news and the business ecosystem of Bangladesh.
Created in 2018, with an aim to cover the ever-changing dynamic Marketing industry of Bangladesh with fairness, creativity and proper prospect. Markedium is the first to go online platform based on Bangladesh focusing on Brand creativity and industry transformation. Therefore, one can find marketing and branding related topics here. And most importantly an enthusiast will always enjoy the articles we deliver.
From exciting current happenings to brand campaign dissections and all the other aspects like branding, opinionated assumptions to digital transformation in the industry. In other words, you can find everything here.

With Marketing, It’s Possible!

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