Asian upcoming superpower, Bangladesh has seen some rapid growth in recent years. Just like every other sector, the marketing industry along with the business ecosystem of Bangladesh have always proven to be a complicated place. With the introduction of


several new tools and technology almost on a daily basis, the industry is still learning about itself and slowly moving towards the future growth stages.

Although both the industries have already shown immense growth potential with global giants like Amazon announcing its entry already, the stage hasn’t been at its full maturity yet.

To oblige with the current state, our opinion contents are designed to provide our readers with a voice consisting industry insights that they can make useful for both of their personal and professional life!

Who provides the content?

Our content pieces are written by our assigned writers, editorial team and our honorable contributors.

The Goal

Our goal is to have a proper understanding of the industry metrics, exploring the ongoing transformation, predicting the future with a vision to prepare the generation for the upcoming challenges.

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Safe Transportation for Women in Bangladesh! I know for many of you residing in Bangladesh, this might sound like an impossible dream to achieve. Travelling in Dhaka on public transportation has always been a dreadful experience for most of the women in Bangladesh. According to a survey done by…

Amazon Global Selling: Bangladeshi Local Businesses To Shine In The Global Stage?

When it was announced in early 2018 that Amazon will start their operations in Bangladesh by the year 2020, it sent a huge shock wave through the entire country. There are a lot of buzz and excitement around this announcement partly because…

Opinion: Who Will Win The Battle | Ride Sharing Companies In Bangladesh.

The reasons behind the popularity of the ride sharing companies are "Beating the Traffic", "Less costly" and mainly the "Convenience".I f you are someone who keeps a tab about ongoing business happening in Bangladesh, then you…

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