#PriyoAgentMama | If This Gave You Cringe, You Are Probably Not the TG For the Content.6 min read

If you are someone who follows brand-related content on social media channels, you should already know about the ongoing trend on TikTok- #PriyoAgentMama

Now, for those who have no idea about what we are talking about, click here!

Lots of conversations are happening about the trend around the social media channels. Hence, we decided to take a deep dive.

Things we are going to discuss:

  • The Numbers!
  • Reactions
  • Impact on the Brand Image.
  • The Verdict

The Numbers

You know they say, numbers never lie. When the hashtag first came to attention on Wednesday, it had around 600K views. However, it caught our eyes when we saw the trend caught up, and by the time this content is being written, it has already reached 9.2M views (within 72 hours), thanks to 1,300+ user-generated content which made it a trend in the ‘TikTokverse’.

The best part is the majority of the creators are not even celebrities or famous influencers. Yes, folks! We are currently experiencing a flush of User Generated Contents (UGC) under the #PriyoAgentMama hashtag.

It may have started with some celebrity or famous influencer, but indeed it has been adopted by the general TikTok users of Bangladesh. Have a look at this one-


#priyoagentmama #bkash

♬ original sound – ⚜️Adib⚜️


Now, what made this phenomenon more interesting is that the engagements it has generated so far. For TikTok, since the hashtag has achieved millions of views and engaged hundreds of general creators, we can conclude that there is a positive wave going in favor of the trend in TikTok. In fact, it is turning out to be a “feel good” anthem for the bKash Agents all over the country evident by many videos like this one,


#foryou বিকাশ এখন হাজারে 14 টাকা 90 পয়সা কম খরচে ক্যাশ আউট করুন বেশি বেশি #viralvideo #bangladhestiktok

♬ bKash Prio Agent – PRONOME NAFI ⭐️

Who would have ever imagined a trend could suddenly make bKash Agents join together to share TikTok videos proudly showing bKash banners or agent files in some cases with the song in the background? bKash is winning here in some other ways too, as hundreds of users are doing bKash cash out from their Priyo Agent and spreading making a video of it in TikTok.


However, Facebook has mixed reactions with praises from a lot of people, while some speak against the contents under the hashtag. We have noticed three common complaints against the contents in Facebook:

  1. Why there will be content related to bKash TikTok?
  2. The Content Style and Execution
  3. The Cringe!!

Let’s get a bit deeper.

Why TikTok?

Why not? Although we can’t say for 100% assurance that bKash has anything to do to fire up the trend or not, however, even if it does,bKash has all the right reasons to do so.

Because, being a marketer in 2021, if you are thinking you to leave out TikTok from your marketing mix, you need to think again. According to DOMO, around 167M users watch videos on TikTok every minute, almost 30x times of Google searches (5.7M).

Needless to say, if you are a brand like bKash who represents a mass market, having no presence in a platform like TikTok where probably most of its users (mostly Sec C and D) spend time is nothing but a devastating mistake.

The Content Style and Execution

The basic mantra for creating engaging content on TikTok combines 2 things mostly-

  1. Catchy
  2. Entertaining and easy to surf through.

 And, #PriyoAgentMama hits the bullseye by connecting the contents with MANIKE MAGE HITHE song, and we all know what a hit it was among the content creators. The recall factor is active all the way, and whether you like it or not it’s catchy.

Since it was mostly UGC, we can overlook some of the low-quality creations.

The Cringe!!

Well, to those who feel cringe about #PriyoAgentMama on TikTok, probably you are not the target audience of the content. Here’s why-

  • It’s working on TikTok. The data tells us that. Hence, if you are bantering about it on Facebook, this is clearly not made by Facebook content creators to be viewed on Facebook, rather made by TikTok content creators for their fans.
  • Although this content doesn’t represent any branded connection with bKash (since this is not published by any bKash official platforms), you can also take some previous branded campaigns on TikTok by other brands like Airtel Eid Challenge or Apex Eid Challenge, you will see #PriyoAgentMama also maintains the similar standard. Maybe that’s what works on TikTok. Food for thought!

Impact on Brand Image?

Now, the million-dollar question is whether #PriyoAgentMama sacrifices the subtle and solid positioning bKash has among its users preferring other social channels than TikTok?

The answer is NO!

Here’s why-

  • This didn’t come from any bKash official sources- which should be the primary source of connecting the relationship between the brand image with #PriyoAgentMama.
  • It was designed for TikTok. So, if you prefer Facebook over TikTok, don’t worry we don’t think we will see any UGC like #PriyoAgentMama from Facebook Creators or even bKash, since you are the proof that it won’t work on Facebook.
  • Another point could be since, we are not expecting anything like #PriyoAgentMama anytime soon from Facebook creators or the brand itself, we are pretty sure that the recall factor of #PriyoAgentMama won’t be last long among those short-term unhappy Facebook Audience.

So, no, we don’t think the content will have any significant impact on bKash’s brand image at all. In fact, having different types of content strategies is not a new thing in today’s dynamic marketing world.

The Verdict?

For this our verdict is pretty straightforward and simple.

  • This content was for TikTok and the result shows it’s working there. So, branded or not, in TikTok, the contents are doing the job pretty well by giving the bKash Agents to rally behind something in social media and the bKash users celebrate the new cash-out charge by bKash.

What amazed us the most is ‘the acceptance among mass resulting in User Generated Contents.’

It’s pretty understandable that when an audience gets engaged with an influencer’s content. But when that audience gets on the field to adapt and participate directly in an action for the brand in the subject, it takes you towards that one magic word- Conversion!

So, do you agree with our analysis? Or, do you have some other points of view? Let’s hear them out and be with Markedium for all the latest brand and marketing-related updates.

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