Which Companies Combinedly Can Become The WeChat of Bangladesh?2 min read

Imagine there is an app that is not just an app but also an everyday necessity. Does it seem like a dream to you? Well, in China this is the reality.

What makes the WeChat so powerful? It’s not the variety of things one can do through WeChat in China; it’s the fact that they are all in one app. It’s more like the Swiss Army Knife that basically does everything for the people in China.

WeChat is China’s WhatsApp, Paypal, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, Venmo, and Tinder but all in one freaking app. There are also some services for which we don’t have global giant apps, for example- Doing maintenance & other services, finding doctors, hit map to know about the crowded state in several places, tour solutions and many more. No wonder why WeChat has more than 70 million active users and China is called the guide to the future for the entire world in the tech arena.

China is doing this, then why cannot we? Let us imagine having an app that could be able to meet all our daily needs and demands. How does that sound! Amazing isn’t it?

It’s true that we still don’t have all the necessary options to build the actual WeChat but we surely have some companies that can give us the essence of WeChat experience in Bangladesh if they come together. What are those? Let’s have a ride!

  • Payment: To support the payment, we have bKash, i-Pay, DBBL Rocket, and G-pay. One of those can surely make it to the WeChat of Bangladesh.
  • Ride Sharing: You know which one I am talking about? Surely, Pathao! The most exciting startup from Bangladesh till date.
  • Parcel Service: Pathao taps in here as well with their Pathao Parcel Service.
  • Grocery/Necessity Shopping: Chaldal.com is the company that proves to be the most prominent one in this segment. But watch out- Pathao is working on having their own shopping platform named Pathao Mart.
  • In-Home Service and Maintenance: Another exciting start-up tops the list for us here, Sheba.xyz– A one-stop solution for almost every in-home service you can imagine.
  • Medical Service: Doctorola is a platform that connects the patient to the doctors and makes the lives of the patients much easier. Hence, the made it to our list.
  • Food/ Restaurant Service: Once again Pathao comes up with their Pathao Food Delivery system with their agile delivery mechanism. But wait a minute; Hungrynaki and FoodPanda are also here to give a fair fight.
  • Travel and tourist Solution: Go Zayaan tops the list here.

So, what do you think about our list? If you think that any other company should have been on that list, make sure you let us know about it in the comment section.

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