ATM Booths | A Channel That Bangladeshi Banks Are Missing Out In Terms Of Marketing.3 min read

Let’s think for a moment. When was the last time something attracted your attention while you were withdrawing some cash from an ATM booth?

I am pretty much sure; most of you are now in some sort of dilemma remembering something familiar. Now think once again- How many times you use an ATM booth in a day or roughly a week? The number is not that small in terms of using a financial service at all.

Those days are gone when ATM was viewed only as the dispenser of money. Today, after the 50 years of its debut in London, the ATMs can do much more than just receiving or transferring money. This self-service channel has remained at the top of the innovating in the field of financial services with numerous exciting innovations such as biometric authentication for improved security, contactless access for the consumer convenience and lots more.

The number of ATM booths in Bangladesh is decidedly less compared to the other countries of the world. While banks like Dhaka Bank has 45 ATMs in the whole country, DBBL has 1145 ATMs. The ATM booths denote the single most substantial speculation in the electronic channel services for the banks. Most of these ATM booths were installed in the district level town and the divisional cities. Of this total number of ATMs, around 44% was established in Dhaka city. The number of ATM booths is very less in the rural areas (only 4.84%). It is mentionable that 46% of the total ATM booths are established by Dutch Bangla Bank Limited alone.

These vast number of figure exhibits just big an opportunity the ATM booths provide for the banks to make productive and meaningful contact with the perspective as well as the existing customers. Now, let’s talk about some critical but mind blowing issues.  How the banks can use this huge distribution network to avail maximum value in terms of getting their clients more engaged.

For instance, banks have several product offerings for different segments of customers. And whenever a client uses an ATM booth, it has the data of that customer and knows about its usage and so on. So, won’t it be smart enough to provide the information of the product that is designed for that particular customer segment?

Adding on, we know capturing customer attention is one of the toughest tasks in this fast moving digital era, so why not promoting the offer while the client is having a proper concentration towards that tiny monitor. You don’t believe me? Think about when was the last time you have withdrawn money from an ATM without proper attention?

But the banks must remember one thing- the structure of the promotional act through the ATM booth better not be boring and irritating. A “Big No” if you can’t make it interesting and catchy, then it’s better to be just like it’s now. As I said earlier that customers remain at their peak of their attention towards that monitor.

Now, how to use ATM booths for marketing? Keep an eye for the next articles. Till then, let us know about your thoughts about banks using ATM booths as a marketing channel?  

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