Opinion:MNP to redesign the strategic approach of the Telecom Industry2 min read

We all know by now that Bangladesh being the 72nd country has introduced MNP just this October.  All the telecom companies are already connected to the service and ready to provide the best for the consumers. Now, if you don’t know about MNP yet, you must click here. You will be amazed!

Though the introduction brings a big smile for the customers, it has turned out to be one of the biggest challenges for the companies.  Why? Because-

“ It’s no longer about how many customers one can acquire, it’s all about the number of customers one can retain!”

Since the beginning, telecom customers are known to be the most loyal customers. But this loyalty arena is about to get muddy due to the MNP introduction. Customers now have the power to choose their best interest without changing their existing number. This changes the whole game!

Just like all the telecom companies, we also know that a big switching is about to happen very shortly. So, the goal is to make sure that companies get as much customers as they can. If not, then at least retain as much as possible. But both of the scenarios are taking us to one task, which is-

“Making your customers happy!”

Hence,it’s time for mobile operators to go all in, not just with the best offers, but also with the best holistic service to ensure customer retention and cultivate loyalty. Innovation and co-creation will play a big part here.

Now,that’s the game changer. The whole telecom industry will redesign itself based on Branding. It’s all about how you convince your existing customers to stay and new customers to join.    

This gives the market challenger and the followers a severe lifeline to get back to the telecom fight strongly. The long lasting establishment advantage of Grameenphone is about to get weaken and companies like Robi or Banglalink won’t really like to miss the chance. So watch out! We are hoping for a big branding war.

Still there is a catch;

 GP can tackle the initial hit better than any company as they have already a 70 million+ active user base which is way more than any other, but what about the other companies? Are they ready to play the initial gamble? Only time will tell.

Let us  know about your thoughts on MNP introduction in Bangladesh.

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