Choosing the Right Agency| 12 Steps to Follow.3 min read

Choosing a marketing agency is the trickiest conundrum for any brand manager. In the advertisement business, seeing is not believing. Only actionable results define you and your stakeholders.

Selecting your agency is like a marriage that needs to last. Before signing an agency, here are a few parameters you should add your consideration set:

  • No Agency Is Perfect For Everything And Every Agency Is Not Good At What They Do:

The barriers to entry for forming a marketing agency are very low. Thus, many unqualified people jump into the game. This has created a massive pool of unqualified and underperforming businesses. You need an agency that will bring in experts and veterans of the industry to get you results that matter, not another wantapreneur.

But you also must acknowledge this first that- One agency can not be the best in every service. Thus, you can’t really expect your agency to solve each problem you have.

  • Agencies Provide Solution Through Their Lenses

Agencies seldom have a large portfolio of services to offer. They speak as they see according to their resources. For example, if you can afford a cutting-edge technology campaign while the agency you are negotiating with can make a graphic video at best, that’s what you will get. The best agencies will not just talk about ads, but they will rather provide a holistic consultation as if the brand is their own.

  • The agency Must Know The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

Advertising is a part of marketing. A successful marketing strategy is the result of nailing all the aspects in your marketing funnel. Don’t settle for just ‘ads’.

  • Observe,Observe and Observe!

Are they actually experienced? Are the committed? Make sure the people who are assigned to do your work, love their work.

  • Your Agency Must Know You 

Most agencies are reluctant to work on cutting-edge technology. Either they have inadequate resources, or they are not skilled enough. Work with positive people who understand your business. Work with people who has done their homework before your first meeting. Or else, you should move on to the next vendor.

  • Have A Check 

Some agencies are only good at creating wow pitches. At times they have no interest in day to day running of your business. More often than not, an intern with zero experience handles your account. So, have a conversation with the manager of your account and always have a check on who is looking after your brand.

  • Leadership matters

Ensure that your business is managed by the agencies top minds. Keep in direct contact with your designated strategic planner and designer. Always check their previous work and take recommenthations from their clients before signing. A team is formed between you and your agency. And every team needs a magical chemistry to succeed.

  • Be On The Same Page

Make sure the agency you work with owns the work. They must have a crystal clear understanding of your profile and targets. Their strategy is a reflection of their understanding. If it’s not there, look elsewhere.

  • Actions Speak

When comes to marketing, executions talk. So, let their work speak for themselves. Successful agencies have a creative spark, they set high standards for themselves. Ask them how their work has helped their client’s business.

  • Listen To Your Gut

Do you like them? Will they bring something new to the table? Are they another ‘typical’ agency? Do you look forward to working with them? Have an answer!

  • Mindset And Attitude 

Do they have a positive attitude? Do they have necessary credentials? Listening is very important. Are they good listeners? You need a fine balance between profitability and creativity.

  • Honesty

Agency that wants to go an extra mile for you and also has the gut to tell you the tough truth is the agency for you most of time.

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