Pre-Emptive Shopping Reforming Personalized E-commerce2 min read

Pre-emptive shopping is a customer-led personalization opportunity. It uses automation software to give more control to the consumers. The idea of pre-emptive shopping is the latest in the e-commerce market. However,  retailers adopting this modern trend well. Pre-emptive shopping lets customers set up rules about their cart. If a condition is confirmed, then a product is added or removed automatically.

On the other hand, Pre-emptive shopping does not add items to a customer’s basket without confirmation. it does not exclusively depend on data. So, being an automotive process, the customers have complete control over it.

Pre-emptive shopping reforming personalized e-commerce
Save your time of decision making

Practical Uses Of Pre-Emptive Shopping:

Pre-emptive shopping grants itself to conditional purchases and finds product alternatives.

Conditional purchases rely on external factors. Suppose, weather-based purchases. When the weather exceeds 22 degrees Celsius, it will add a particular sun lotion to my recommended cart.

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For instance, a conditional purchase relates offers or deals. Such as,  if the price of a certain pair of shoes drops below BDT 2000, then add them to my recommended basket. Furthermore, if there’s a deal on mobile accessories, send me an email and many more.

However, customers can customize rules to generate alerts and alternatives. For instance, customers can create rules to avoid harmful products. They can remove pre-emptively suggested un-necessary products and replace that with another offered product.

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Similarly,  a customer with allergies can filter their choice as an allergen. And the pre-emptive shopping will work accordingly when to suggest a particular product.

Pre-emptive shopping reforming personalized e-commerce
Take your shopping experience to the next level

Benefits And Risks Of Pre-emptive Process:


The automation system is convenient for both consumers and retailers. Giving customers the opportunity to set-up shopping rules. It saves a lot of time while making purchasing decisions during each buying process. As a result, they do not have to look for alternatives.

73% of millennials are willing to pay more for ethical products. Pre-emptive shopping allows them to make rules that can filter their purchases based on several criteria. More people are getting used to this process day by day.


This platform can add something that you no longer want into your shopping cart. So, this could result in increased return rates and upset customers. However, sending notification messages that would ask a buyer to confirm a purchase can solve this problem. The shopping process might result in displacement and anxiety. Customers who are not familiar with digital, they might find it hard.

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