How AI will shape the future Marketing!

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Whatever is happening in this world, we can assure you one thing with confidence- Marketing will always be there. But new integration and shifting will take place in this spectrum of marketing. AI (Artificial Intelligence) has newly been introduced to the world of marketing just in the last few years and it’s really taking off! From content creation to training and development, the technology is shaping the direction of the industry. But, with all the ongoing buzz around, one question has been asked quite frequently nowadays:

“Will AI overshadow the current trends of Digital Marketing and SEO in recent days?”

Firstly, let’s not believe AI will overshadow or screen out anything. However, it will be integrated in every aspects of marketing. In other words, we can say within next 5 years, the marketers need to place their ads around all the AI implemented devices.  But for a country like Bangladesh, we can say it might take up to 7-10 years.

So how marketing will look like in near future? Let’s talk about it a bit more.

For instance, let’s say you are using AI enabled Samsung or LG branded refrigerator and you are a constant buyer of PRAN juice. In future, the refrigerator will remind you about the next purchase of that particular PRAN juice. Now, there are other juice brands as well. Let’s say Shezan, another prominent juice brand of Bangladesh.

So, the marketing in future will probably look like something like – Shezan will let you know about their product through putting their promotional message through the refrigerator. If you are a loyal customer of PRAN, then you might end up having a free sample of Shezan.

It’s needless to say that content will play the biggest part in the future of marketing. As a result, contents or messages needs to be a bit more polished and designed with perfection to grab the optimum value from the customers. But if we look at the past, Ads has come a long way from then. Ads have become much more targeted than before. Now we know to a huge extent that how well our ads are performing, in short it has become more measurable. Last but not the least, it looks very beautiful and eye soothing. But to be honest, some way or another we are showing the same ad (specially the video form) to everyone. Hence, we believe, there will be a shift in strategical approach for this content.

So, what’s next for the future of marketing? Here are our assumptions:

  • Hyper-personalized: Ads will be more accurately personalized towards the customer. One ad might be there for everyone but there will be structural offers designed for each of the customer taste. Currently companies target a group of potential customers and delivers a common set of communication to everyone. This will change and the industry will be heading towards true personalization.
  • Data Driven: As explained in the refrigerator example above, we can surely say one thing all the marketing stunts will be done through the proper representation of personal buying behavioral data.
  • Conversational: With the increasing use of Home AI Appliances, conversational marketing will take place. Chat bots are already very visible in the market currently. Maybe within next 5-7 years, Alexa will be suggesting you about the restaurant you are willing to book for your anniversary. Who knows!
  • SEO Restructured: The way we are doing SEO marketing now is surely about to change. Within a very short time, we need to have a grab on what words are used by the consumers to search for anything through Google home or Alexa.  Typing a sentence to search for something and using own words to do the same differs a lot from each other. Think yourself! When was the last time you were writing something in google to search for something but clicked one of the suggested items shown below the search bar?
  • Interactive: Specially the video ads will become more interactive. Consumers will be exposed to more call to action options while watching the video. #BodyAsABand by Bupa UK is such a brilliant example of interactive video ad.

So, this was our take on the AI and the future of marketing. What do you think about it? Let us know.

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