Amazon Global Selling: Bangladeshi Local Businesses To Shine In The Global Stage?2 min read

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen it was announced in early 2018 that Amazon will start their operations in Bangladesh by the year 2020, it sent a huge shock wave through the entire country. There are a lot of buzz and excitement around this announcement partly because everyone is eager to see how a global giant like Amazon can improve the e-commerce sector in Bangladesh.
It sent a warning sign to the local e-commerce business owners that a market leader was coming soon and it was a wake-up call for them to make their businesses more efficient before they arrive. But most important of all, it showed that Bangladesh as an economy was doing really good to attract the attention of a giant like Amazon.

A threat always offers an opportunity!

Amazon has a certain feature called the Amazon Global Selling. It basically allows the seller from one country to be able to sell their goods and products in another different market. For instance, somebody registered to Amazon US can sell their products in Amazon Canada or even somewhere as far as Amazon UK or even Amazon Japan. This basically allows a particular seller to have a broader customer base and help increase their sales. A fantastic example would be how the local businessmen in India have started to sell their products on not just Amazon India but they have gone on to use the benefits of Amazon Global Selling to expand their business all over Europe.
There have been quite a few debates regarding the arrival of Amazon in Bangladesh. Most of them have been directed towards the discussion of how local businesses would suffer because of the presence of such a big named player. But this presents more of a fantastic opportunity for the local sellers than any threats. Not only will the local sellers be able to sell their products via Amazon all over Bangladesh but if they can properly utilize Amazon Global Selling, then there is a chance these sellers will sell their products all over the world.  Not only does this mean that the local sellers will have a broader market but it is their chance to establish their business globally.
How Amazon Global Selling Works? Here you go!
Imagine if local sellers can sell specialized goods made out of jute and other local specialties to the European market where there is a massive demand for handmade products. This will not only establish Bangladesh’s name but it will also create several hundred jobs because newer demand will require new products to be made and may even require a proper infrastructure to be made.
Amazon’s reputation of being a trusted band will effortlessly attract customers to these local sellers.  This Global Business concept can aid Bangladesh to be a major supplier of goods and products in the foreign market.In short, the arrival of Amazon in Bangladesh can propel our economy to take a further leap forward and continue its impressive growth rate.

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