Working With The Wrong Agency?- 6 Ways To Find Out2 min read

If you are growing frustrated with results, and thinking it’s due to the lack of creativity, maybe you are wrong. Maybe you need to rethink your strategies. After all, the basic skill of an ad agency is to produce strategically effective advertising, so it touches the hearts and minds of an audience and evokes a reaction.

Maybe the reason for your communications not succeeding is the lack of strategic ability. Creativity doesn’t sell alone, you need the right strategies in action. If you don’t find a combination of strategy and action you need a new infusion of life in your brand.

  • Customer is always right, not the clients :It’s great to have an agency that follows your guidance, but having an agency that says YES! to everything is equally dangerous.
  • Listening is the most important skill any company can heave. If they leap before they listen, if they are egoistic, you are with the wrong agency.
  • What do you do when your ads don’t work? When was the last time your agency held itself accountable? On what do they base their recommenthations for media and creative? Is your agency a partner or a vendor? Do you continue to have faith in your agency and see them as entrepreneurial and down-right strategically smart? If you don’t know the answers, you’re with the wrong ad agency.
  • The best marketing agencies are the ones who believe in their ideas and make the clients/customers believe too. Most agencies these days are working to satisfy their needs instead of focusing on the audience. It is a vicious circle and be careful.
  • Never opt for communications the please everyone. Because in truth they please none. Effective ads are found relevant among a niche which gets results. Ads that are pleasing are just that, pleasing. They are bound to fail. Is it connecting to your agency? If not, go and look for a new one! And if yes, never let them go.
  • Make sure your agency knows the difference between having millions of page likes and actually having a customer base that buys eventually. If it doesn’t seem familiar with your agency, you are spending in vain.


Ask your agency to come up with ideas and prove their feasibility beforehand. Set specific KPIs to measure success and recall. Don’t just limit your agency in a wall of constraints and demands. Think freely, execute efficiently.

So, do you agree with our points? Let us know about what do you think about it.

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