iTel Unmasks The Toxic “Because I Love You” Concept2 min read

What is toxicity in the name of love? Dominance, rudeness, disrespect, and lack of affection. This only happens when you or your partner follows the concept of “me” rather “us”. Unfortunately, we have seen such toxic bonds within our surroundings, maybe within our friends, colleagues or even within our family.

Toxicity is real in Bangladesh but in the name of love. You know love isn’t toxic, but the individuals are. The brand, iTel, has launched its Valentine’s Day OVC which speaks of a toxic relationship.

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Love is blind. The team followed this concept and showed us that love is not blind, maybe the individuals are. Trying to unnoticed the toxicity and feeling love in such relationships which eventually humiliates you and lowers your self-esteem. iTel has presented their story within a few common scenarios.

Privacy, insecurity, and dominance were the key elements highlighted in this campaign. Glad that iTel picked out the most common ones out of the long list and made it appropriate to their target customers.

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With subtle product placement, the concept is very strongly put. Starting with a black and white story screen to show the wrong we do when we turn a blind eye to all the wrongs in the relationship. This sparks the guilt within us by showing how we ease out with such individuals and face them daily. Making it so ethical. You can’t “go with the flow” with these kinds of relationships. We need to open our eyes and see what this is and unfold the concept of love.

The OVC communicates that because someone loves you, you should show respect, trust them and most importantly support them. It ends with a powerful message that because you love, you cannot mask the concept of real love.

Furthermore, the execution is brilliant and vividly transmits the message. Let us know about your thoughts on the campaign from iTel and for more latest updates, be with Markedium.

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