Tecno Hunts For 6 Footballers To Visit Man City2 min read

It is a rare scenario within the Bangladeshi brands to collaborate with footballers or even appoint them as a brand ambassador. Tecno is doing so for quite a while. Tecno mobile has engaged itself within the football community. They are on a hunt to look for six best footballers for training in Man City. Yes! You are hearing it right. Tecno mobile has partnered with Manchester City Football Club for marketing and technology.

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Moreover, when you look at the execution of the campaign “Clear Men U17 Championship” you might feel you are watching a creation from the western world. But I kid you not! We had it here all this long, unnoticed. The storyline goes smooth with this dreamer whose passion fuses with our captain’s, Jamal Bhuyan. It speaks stories of thousands of dreams and enthusiasm.

Tecno mobile shades light on such stories and passions for football in Bangladesh, giving the youths opportunities for their passion for football. You’ll see the stadium roaring, the critic engaging, the ball dribbling, the fall and then the showdown.

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All the moment builds-up to the real significances of football. Do you want inspiration or an example of an international standard visual? Here it is, an excellent example of today’s modern visualization.

On the other hand, Tecno has skipped the long lines of “popular players” and has chosen Jamal Bhuyan out of the ordinary. The recent years being at the peak of Bangladesh Football, it seems a good run for Tecno mobile’s campaign. Needless to say, how the brand’s identity fits hand in hand with Jamal’s qualification and smartness.

Lastly, Tecno mobile has tapped on the right spot at the right moment when Bangladesh is ready for it. They have shown it through their execution, how worthy this left-out sport was to all of us.

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