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Volkswagen halts the production of Beetle after 70 epic years of success and bids farewell with their ‘The Last Mile’ campaign. The campaign is a 90 seconds animated video that pays homage to the success story of the most iconic car in history.

The campaign features animated cameos of creators that created pieces that were influenced by the car, such as Andy Warhol, and Kevin Bacon, whose character drove a Beetle in the film “Footloose”. A very fitting plays song in the background, a cover of Let It Be by The Beatles, and the ad ends on a promising message of embarking on a new journey with the words “Where one road ends, another begins”.

The success story of this iconic car dates back to the Nazi-era. Cars were a luxury until the concept of Volkswagen, or people’s car as it translates to from German, came into light after effective production means were established by Henry Ford that made cars attainable for everyone. Ferdinand Porsche’s proposed design for the smaller people’s car was then accepted by Adolf Hitler.

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The British took over the management of the factory and started the production of the Volkswagen Beetle. They soon started exporting and sold the Beetle all across Europe, the United States, and even in Africa.

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After a decade, the Beetle was struggling to keep up with the newer generation of water-cooled engines. Volkswagen tackled this rapid decline in sales with a modified version of the Beetle that is more in line with the times.

Without a doubt, the Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most important cars in history. Volkswagen’s design of the Beetle must be close to perfection if the sales are anything to go by. In the last 7 decades, Volkswagen sold over 21.5 million of its original Beetle and over 22.5 million of all the three models combined.

Undeniably, Volkswagen’s Beetle has left a permanent mark in the industry and in the hearts of people. The car that was loved by everyone will never be forgotten, and will forever be missed.

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