10 Google Released Product Ended Up In Complete Failure2 min read

Google is a well-known company for its amazing and popular software products. And certainly, these products make our internet experience easier. For instance, the Search Engine to Google Maps, this company provides us easy and quick user experience on a daily basis by each product.

However, I am going to tell you about 10 almost extinct Google products.

1. Google Buzz

Google product

It was an add-on to Gmail. But, for some privacy complications, the company shut it down in October 2011.

2. Lively (Another product by Google)

Google Product

Lively was another messenger for a bit real chatting experience for the users. However, it failed to fill out the customer expectations. As a result, it existed for around a year and then turned off in 2008.

3. Google Video ( A Google product for Video Streaming)

Google Product

Google’s exclusive video streaming product. As it could not accept new videos, it disappeared from the market in 2009.

4. Google Wave

Google product

It was primarily designed to fix documents together for editorial purposes. Because of its confusing nature the company had to shut it down.

5. Google Catalogue

Google product Markedium

Digital Catalogues by Google was terminated in 2015.

6. Google Reader (A Google product for readers)

Google product

Google Reader used to give readers access to various blogs and articles on the internet. Due to users’ dismay, this web app got turned off.

7. Google Health a Google product for health

Google product

It was a device to make people informed about their fitness. However, it could not put the impact expected from the device. As a result, they turned it off.

8. Google Plus

Google product

The company tended to make it a social-networking app. However, shut it down for unavoidable causes.

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Can you guess what’s that unavoidable reason? Yes, it’s the popularity of Facebook.

9. iGoogle

Google product

iGoogle provided widgets to the users to customize their homepages. But it turned out that, Android and Chrome provided a better user experience.

10. Google Notebook ( A product for documents)

Google product

The ancestor to Google Docs was a digital notebook where you could copy or even paste things. Furthermore, anyone could share and publish it as well.

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