Pampers Seeks to Bring Out The Best in Fathers2 min read

Raising a child can be one of the most rewarding and enlightening experiences in the life of a parent. Yet, the world, especially South Asia, seems to live in the misconception that taking care of offspring is the sole responsibility of a woman. In a bold move, P&G intends to change that mindset with the #ItTakes2 campaign by pampers India. With the concept coming from Leo Burnett India, they plan on making fathers realize that their responsibility doesn’t end by simply being the breadwinner of the family.

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From Fathering to Fatherhood

The campaign features an unorthodox yet emotional video to South Asian fathers as it shows a man stepping into the role of fatherhood. Throughout its multiple scenes, we see him realize the pain and toil a mother has to go through to bring their children into this world. As he waits by the corridor and finally receives the news of having a baby girl, he has an epiphany that makes him contemplate his responsibilities as a father. He slowly begins to understand that he needs to have an equal role in raising their child.

As the campaign progresses, we see the father doing things that typically assume a mother to do. From changing diapers to getting her daughter to fall asleep, the man starts to live up to his role and becomes the ideal partner to his wife. The narration takes us through a poetic journey as we see the man slowly transform and becomes a parent through equal involvement in child-rearing.

The Message

Finally, the campaign ends with a strong message that merely calling oneself a father is not enough. A man needs to step up and fulfill his duties to his child and his wife to become a true father.

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Pampers India performs a masterstroke with this campaign as they raise awareness by showing a man his duty to his children and to his wife. At the same time, they pay homage to their core value by keeping the child as the subtle center point consistently. An emotional advertisement with an impactful message, this campaign is sure to make the heads of fathers turn and help them realize their role.

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