Navigating The Highs And Lows Of A Relationship With PUSTI Tea1 min read

Bangladeshis and their love for tea is a love story for the books. Memories, friendships, and moments are made around tea, or what we endearingly call ‘Chaayer Adda’. With its tagline, PUSTI Tea aims to tug at our heartstrings. It is safe to say that the words ‘Shomporker Ek Gaaro Likar’ have done just that.

The commercial under this concept follows a couple who are shown to be on the brink of splitting up. In the midst of a fight, the man starts brewing tea. When the fight ends in his wife leaving with her bags packed, he follows her in his car, offering to drop her off at her destination.

Along the way, he offers her tea. A sip of PUSTI Tea, along with a love-filled tune on the radio, brings back old memories. The online video commercial ends in them patching up their relationship, having successfully worked through differences with the power of tea.

The commercial, although nothing extraordinarily unique or extravagant, is one that will resonate with many. No one is a foreigner to broken relationships, the urge to fix them is one that lives within all of us. Such content tugs at the viewer’s emotions, leaving an impression.

PUSTI Tea, in their 2016 commercial under the ‘Ushno onubhobey’ campaign, addressed the role of tea in relationships, memories, work, and one’s passion to do what is right. We hope that PUSTI Tea will give us an incredible, well-rounded campaign once again, seeing as to the pivotal role tea plays in a Bengali’s life. Until then, we applaud their return to full-length commercials and engaging concepts.

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