Airtel Reaches Out To All the Single People This Valentine2 min read

What would you do if you were in a relationship this Valentine’s day? Airtel takes a closer look at the underlined peer pressure of doing ‘something’ on Valentine’s Day. You have to find gifts, wear matching dresses, and eat expensive food. You have to have more fun than other couples to make the day count.

So much pressure, right? But what if you were single? How would the day go then? Well, you wouldn’t have any tension at all. You could hang out with friends all you want, play video games all night and wake up mid-day if you want. And that’s why it’s okay to be single, bro.

Airtel explains the perks of being single a little spuriously in back to back social media ads:

For the single girls,

The funny approach to Valentine’s Day has been adored by the young adult community in Bangladesh. Especially the endorsement of recently hyped celebrities like Rafsan the Chotobhai helped the ad connect with the teenage community in Bangladesh.

The reason for making two ads is to connect with gender-specific target segments while also maintaining the rule of thumb for making social media ads. The first ad talks about the pain points boys face on Valentine’s Day.

The advertisement was designed and shot by the creative team of FCB Bitopi. They did a splendid job in ideating the pain points, finding the right script and its people and executing post-production in such little time.


Funny as it may be, but the ad still sends an important message to all of us that it is okay to be single on a Valentine’s Day. There are perks on both sides of the water, and in a day like this, we should not feel lonely or sad as most of us often do.


So, let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day hand in hand and reiterate with Airtel, “It’s Okay To Be Single, Bro!”What’re your thoughts on this latest Valentine’s Day campaign from Airtel? Let us know and for more updates, be with Markedium.



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