Hero Bangladesh Salutes the Real-Life Heroes of Bangladesh on Independence Day2 min read

Today marks the 50 years of independence for Bangladesh. In these 50 years of independence, we have come a long way little by little. And behind this progress is the tireless work and pursuit of every person in the country aka the true heroes of the nation. Hero Bangladesh dedicated this years’ Independence Day campaigns to all those nation builders of the country for whom our Bangladesh stands where it is today.

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The campaign AV starts with a very simple yet powerful question from Hero Bangladesh.

Who is a Hero?

Is it someone who we see on the screen playing the imaginary driving role of a movie or someone who is working as the driving force to take Bangladesh to the height of prosperity?

Hero Bangladesh believes a real hero is none other than the nation builders of the country whose passion and tireless work is paving the way for success for Bangladesh. Now, who are these nation builders?

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They are the general mass of our country – A man with a low-grade job who fights his daily struggles and gathers the courage to fight another day, or a woman who fights all the stereotypes yet never loses her focus or the delivery man who never fails to deliver your packages regardless of the weather constraints or heavy traffic jam or the inspiring father of the next generation pride of the country and many more. Bangladesh is currently considered to be an upcoming South-Asian powerhouse, all thanks to all those doctors, journalists, engineers, farmers, day laborers, businessmen, and many more.

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