Grameenphone’s Latest OVC Recalls Its Journey and Impact on the Last 25 Years3 min read

Grameenphone has turned 25 recently and what an eventful 25 years it has been! Starting with serving the community with connectivity to empowering the nation with strong internet, it made its full effort to take Bangladesh forward. The celebratory commercial tells no different story and it surely gave us a glimpse of GP’s 25 years of journey with a sparkle of “The time is now and anything is possible if you desire”.

Have a look: 

Here’s what we have seen from the campaign-

    • Now and Then

      The whole campaign talks about the transformation of Bangladesh as a nation from when GP started its journey to till date. We must admire the storytelling here. Every plot here maintained a sequence in which Grameenphone structured its objectives for the last 25 years. For instance, starting with two kids using the handmade phone with a simple wire and two cups which transferred to the next scene where a village woman using a phone.

      In other words, Grameenphone stated how it started its journey in Bangladesh with an aim to solve the connectivity problem and the OVC states that they have achieved it. 

      And then the next part of the campaign talks about the impact of a strong internet connection through which the nation has seen mammoth growth in terms of both economic, quality of life, and lifestyle convenience. 

      25 years ago, a bad signal could ruin your TV experience, now you just watch live TV on your way anywhere! Or, students from a remote village in Rangamati/Bandarban receiving a quality education like the cities, who could have thought this 25 years ago?


      Also, the campaign touches on the convenience of lifestyle with the introduction of the MyGP app which is a lifesaver for every GP user. 

    • The Creative Masterstroke

      Apart from the storytelling and sequencing, we are in love with the Copywriting of the campaign. For instance,

      “From the highest peak to the land, light Reaches Us Equally!”

      What a selection of words to make us understand the impact of the powerful internet to ensure the same quality education both in cities and the remote part of the country! 

      And not to mention, the final plot where the whole 25 years journey is explained through a storybook where some of the notable Grameenphone campaigns are noted, and once again the set of copywriting words used was just outstanding. 

    • One Specific Key Note

      The strategy we are going to talk about here is something that has always impressed us when it comes to a Grameenphone campaign made for a special occasion.

      Including almost Everyone from Everywhere in Bangladesh. 

      Now, be that Cholo Bangladesh, Shopno Jabe Bari, or Ekti Bangladesh, whenever it comes to Grameenphone making a statement-making campaign for any occasion or event, it never forgets to include all the possible variants of audience representation in the campaign. Starting from Kid, adults, males, females, indigenous people, etc.- literally everyone. 
      No wonder why, Grameenphone is considered to be a brand for all!

So, this was our take on the Grameenphone’s 25 years celebration campaign! Let us know your thoughts on the campaign and for all the latest updates, be with Markedium

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