Shopno Jabe Bari: A Journey Beyond Borders For Those Away from Home in Malaysia1 min read

Over the years, Grameenphone’s “Shopno Jabe Bari” has evolved into a poignant anthem for homecoming, resonating deeply with millions. This heartfelt tune annually encapsulates the longing to return home, the joy of familial reunions, and the festive spirit of Eid. Yet, for many, this reunion remains a distant dream, marred by circumstances that fuel a deep-seated yearning. As expatriates labor tirelessly abroad, their families in Bangladesh wait in hopeful anticipation for their return.

This year, the theme of “Shopno Jabe Bari” aimed to capture the poignant realities of Bangladeshi families during Eid, striving to bridge the emotional distance caused by physical separation. Buoyed by the heartfelt reception to this year’s “Shopno Jabe Bari” music video, Grameenphone took an additional step to convey the love and emotions of these families to the nearly 1 million Bangladeshi expatriates in Malaysia.

Grameenphone embarked on a heartfelt initiative, gathering heartfelt messages from families scattered across Bangladesh to share with their loved ones in Malaysia. On Eid day, these messages were displayed on vans equipped with large LED screens throughout Malaysia, catching the expatriate community off guard and delivering a touching surprise: the faces and voices of their families, magnified on screen in a foreign land, creating a visceral sense of togetherness.

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While “Shopno Jabe Bari” started as a Grameenphone campaign, its universal message of longing and connection has struck a chord globally. In a world where many yearn for the warmth of home, Grameenphone has been instrumental in recognizing the sacrifices and aspirations of millions. Their thoughtful gesture during Eid has helped draw families closer, fostering a sense of belonging and unity during the festive season.

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