Delivered Yesterday: DHL’s Time-Defying Delivery1 min read

In an audacious display of ingenuity and precision, DHL has launched a campaign that stretches the bounds of time and space. In collaboration with Horizon FCB Dubai, the campaign titled “Delivered Yesterday” masterfully showcases DHL’s unmatched speed and reliability in the logistics industry.

Imagine the ability to send a gift not just across miles but across time itself. DHL, in a clever manipulation of time zones and the International Date Line, has made what once seemed a whimsical fantasy into a stunning reality. This initiative was revealed in a heartwarming narrative featuring a grandfather in Tokyo who dispatches a birthday gift on January 26th. Thanks to DHL’s logistical wizardry, the parcel lands in his granddaughter’s hands in Los Angeles on January 25th—just in time for her actual birthday.

The campaign transcends traditional expectations of delivery services, transforming them into a moment of magic and connection. By effectively “sending” the package back in time, DHL not only highlights its expansive global network but also its role as a pioneer in customer-centric innovation.
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Delivered Yesterday- for this campaign. is more than just a tagline—it epitomizes DHL’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s feasible. This campaign serves as a vivid demonstration of DHL’s role not only as a logistics leader but also as an innovator in delivering joy and connection. By turning the concept of time on its head, DHL ensures that distances and dates no longer hinder special moments, affirming its dedication to solving complex challenges and enhancing customer experiences worldwide.

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