Hero Bangladesh Greets The Nation On Independence Day With A Boldly Beautiful Journey Of The Youth2 min read

Hero Bangladesh released a 2-minutes long OVC in the early hours of the Independent Day to commemorate the spirit of 26th March and pay tribute to the heroes of the nation. With a reviving jingle throughout the video, the OVC successfully connected with the present heroes of Bangladesh, the youngsters who are breaking boundaries to build a harmonious nation. The brand conveyed the heartfelt message of how the heroes of ’71 came together to bring freedom to the country, and the heroes of today are putting their brave steps forward to make their nation of dreams turn into reality.

The journey begins

The OVC starts with 3 youngsters starting their journey at dawn towards an unknown destination on their motorbikes. The beauty of Bangladesh’s nature cannot get unnoticed from the very first seconds of the video.  As the day progress, the raw nature of rural Bangladesh is visible through the videography. On dusty roads, smooth highways, in trawlers through roaring river streams, their motorcycle journey continues without any obstacle.

A night in the wilderness

The journey ends with more people joining from different destinations, celebrating the spirit of friendship they end their journey at a campsite. The night continues with music and fun, friends being together creating memories.

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But for the audience, it was the journey with Hero motorcycles that would linger for a while even after you finish watching. The eye-soothing captures of the country’s rural vision along with a fusion of modern music with folk essence would captivate the audience’s focus in no time.

A beautiful blend of music, nature, spirit of youth, and Hero Bangladesh

The blend of music with stories is not something new to the trend of advertisement in Bangladesh. But the execution of the storyboard through camera frames was applaudable without a doubt. The lyrics and music arrangement meshed with the tone of the OVC in every frame. The target group of Hero Bangladesh is youth-centric, who would be able to relate this journey through motorcycle and would certainly reminisce their memories of such long bike rides.

Hero Bangladesh successfully pulled off blending multiple elements in one OVC. We saw the humane side of our youths, the scenic beauty of rustic Bangladesh, and the endurability of Hero motorcycles and two-wheelers which made the journey possible. The inspiring background score managed to take the grip of the audience’s focus throughout the OVC. It was certainly a fresh concept to connect with on Independence Day this year.

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