Bashundhara LP Gas Proudly Upholds the Dignity of Our National Anthem2 min read

Amar Shonar Bangla is a song that resides in the core of every Bangladeshi local. Our national anthem not only defines the iconic nature of our country but also carries the unified spirit of Bangladesh inside it. It took mammoth bloodshed in 1971 to call this song our own. However, sometimes we tend to forget the sacrifices and fail to deliver the honor that our National Anthem deserves.  This Independence Day, Bashundhara LP Gas’s “জাতীয় সঙ্গীতের সম্মান” marvelously addresses this malpractice and ties in both factors to create an impactful message.

Rising to Respect

At the beginning of the campaign, we see an elderly couple going to the theaters to watch a movie. The entire hall is packed with young boys and girls eagerly waiting for the film to start. Annoyance registers in their face when the couple mixes up their seats. Snide comments pass among the teenagers while they get to their seats. A young man gets especially disturbed when he finds out that his seat was right next to them.

When the national anthem starts the young people seem reluctant while the old people got up immediately. They quietly stood in their places, show due respect to the anthem. Meanwhile, everyone elsewhere either shifting their feet, talking, or scrolling their phones. The boy next to them did not want to get up and whined when his friends urged him.

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Once the anthem ended and everyone got back to their place, the old man told them off. He reminded them how the freedom fighters stood vigilant for nights to get us this anthem. The campaign ends with a voiceover reminding us to show due respect to the national anthem and its significance.

The Message

The main intention of Bashundhara LP Gas is to urge all to pay proper homage to the national anthem. Furthermore, they also highlight the fact that a lack of respect results in disrespect for all. Respecting the people and things that deserve it will collectively enhance the dignity of everyone.

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A powerful campaign with a resounding message, Bashundhara LP Gas has really hit the mark.

What is your take on Bashundhara LP Gas’s latest campaign?x

What is your take on Bashundhara LP Gas’s latest campaign? For more information, visit Markedium!


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The main intention of Bashundhara LP Gas is to urge all to pay proper homage to the national anthem. Furthermore,…" Read more »


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