A Deep Dive Into Why Influencers Had A Hotel Booking Spree During The Eid Vacation With GoZayaan! 5 min read

Just like every Eid, during the last Eid-Ul-Fitr, many brands launched numerous noteworthy campaigns to drive sales and engagement to commemorate the zeal of the Eid celebration. While some were quite general, some raised further questions and piqued interest. 

Here in this article, we will discuss one such engaging campaign of GoZayaan from this year’s Eid Ul Fitr that created some mixed impressions among the audience. 

Let’s give you a hint-

“Can you remember your favorite influencers had a hotel booking spree during Ramadan with GoZayaan?” 

So, why were the influencers encouraged to book hotels during the Eid season whereas most of us usually go back to our roots? And, what was GoZayaan’s core concept behind such a campaign?

Let’s have a deep dive. 

Context Behind The Campaign

Over the years, the definition of enjoying Eid vacation has changed for many of us. The long Eid holidays create a perfect opportunity for recreational travel. Occupancy rates at popular holiday destinations tend to exceed 90% during the holiday season. 

In December of 2022, the streets of Sajek reportedly were so jam-packed with tourists that people had to rent balconies of existing resorts or stay with the locals at their homes. Resort owners reported rooms being fully booked for up to two months in advance due to the holiday season. 

Reports like enormous gathering in Cox’s Bazar or Sajek, etc. during the holidays gives us an idea about raising interest among the general mass to take a short vacation during the holidays such as Eid Ul Fitr. A key reason for such behavior is the lack of holidays among city dwellers to spend some quality time with their loved ones in this current fast-paced world. 

In the majority of circumstances, the travel destinations are usually domestic considering the convenience and purchasing powers of the majority of inbound travelers. 

With this key piece of insight into consumer behavioral change, GoZayaan launched its Eid campaign to urge travelers to book hotels early to ensure a hassle-free precious holiday for travelers. 

Identifying the Pain Point

The sudden surge in travel trends during the holiday season often results in holidays going wrong for many due to a lack of hotel vacancies or a suitable place to have quality time with your loved ones. And since we the city dwellers already have a scarcity of time, these horrifying travel experiences often prove to be not only a hassle some experience but also a missed opportunity. 

And, guess what? Travelers could at least avoid the issue by only booking the hotels in advance. 

This is because booking hotels early is still a new concept in Bangladesh. Most people are more comfortable simply going to the venues and negotiating a good deal for themselves. 

However, the occupancy rates at hotels, motels, and other such accommodations tend to exceed 90% during peak travel seasons. For this reason, waiting till the last moment to book hotels during peak travel seasons can prove to be risky.

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GoZayaan planned its campaign centered around the core problem of travelers not finding suitable hotel accommodations during the holiday season. To cope with the scarcity of hotels, the campaign was designed to urge travelers to book their hotels ahead of time. The brand also encouraged online bookings during the entirety of the campaign.  

The Campaign | Bringing Together Influencers From All Verticals

The conversation started coming in the first week of Ramadan, with announcements from different micro and macro influencers across all social media channels. Influencers from 4 primary categories participated in the campaign- food, travel, lifestyle, and entertainment.

The short videos or reels announced the availability of the best hotels for Eid on GoZayaan. The videos also showed the influencers booking their own hotels for Eid through the app. 

The contents came in many formats. Some content creators opted to give travel tips to their followers while letting them know it’s best to plan early. On the other hand, some shared fashion or workout tips with GoZayaan for Eid.

               Key Note of The campaign: The campaign contents did not just promote the brand but also provided valuable travel advice. To resonate with people who have had bad experiences with traveling during holiday seasons in the past, the content creators shared their own experiences and the consequences of not booking early.

The big idea of the campaign was to create an immediate urgency to book hotels among travelers during the most hyped holiday season in Bangladesh with an aim to enhance the travel experience and bring convenience to travelers.

Key Takeaway

Well, as we all have seen the campaign generated quite a mixed response from the audience stating the campaign endorsed a bizarre necessity during the holiday season of Eid-ul-Fitr 

But, since the consumer behavior of today’s consumers is changing at a rapid pace (exhibit a: the reports of high hotel occupancy rates for the tourist spots)  lately considering the mindset towards holiday travel, GoZayaan as an industry pioneer initiated the campaign to enhance convenience and quality among these holiday travelers. 

Now, make no mistake, we get the point why many might have the question of labeling it as a bizarre necessity endorsement, but we also have to make a note that the campaign was mainly targeted towards holiday travelers or the ones who actually consider traveling during the holidays to spend some quality times with their loved ones. 

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The objective of the communication was not just to establish the urgency to book hotels, but to also convey the importance of early online bookings and tap into a core mindset while traveling- a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) while establishing GoZayaan being a trustworthy provider of hotels. 

On the other hand, GoZayaan, which is highly recognized for flights in the past, the campaign aimed to establish GoZayaan as a strong contender in the hotel industry as well. 

And, if we consider the numbers, the campaign undoubtedly generated a buzz throughout social media with almost over 5 million impressions across Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram (source: GoZayaan). Not bad for a first-of-its-kind campaign for a travel brand in Bangladesh. 

Let us know your thoughts about the campaign and for more updates, be with Markedium

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