Fortune Favors the Frugal in IKEA’s Latest Campaign2 min read

We are all aware of the proverbial term- Fortune favors the brave. Well, Ikea thinks a bit differently. The global furniture giant has launched its latest campaign under the title “Fortune Favors the Frugal”.


The campaign is an extension of the “Fortune Favors the Frugal” campaign by Mother; a globally renowned agency. The campaign is set in motion with two main objectives. First, to convey an impactful message regarding our planet’s future sustainability with a splash of humor.

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Second, to position the brand as a sustainable getaway for consumers to become environmentally friendly. This came as an addition to Ikea’s ‘green’ Christmas ad in late December.


The ad starts off with a giant meteor made of waste approaching the earth. As our planet prepares for the impending disaster, we see people reusing their old furniture at home. The meteor slowly starts dissolving as people paint their old furniture, grows herbs, or buys mats from recycled plastic.

Eventually, as the ‘meteor’ hits the surface, there is nothing left aside from an old plastic bottled. The bottle is taken care of with care, as well.


The impact of this campaign is made by its creative storytelling. Ikea used a humorous appeal to convey the necessity of being eco-friendly. Our planet faces a huge risk in the future due to the excessive rate of pollution. This has already started causing a negative impact on climate change. Ikea focused on this global issue, simultaneously positioning the brand as ‘green’.

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The brand is aiming to use completely recycled and renewable plastic as the sole raw material for its products by 2030.

What are your thoughts on Ikea’s latest campaign? For more updates, stay with Markedium.

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