Pathao Celebrates the Heroes Who Make Our Lives Easier2 min read

Let us ask you a question. How dependent are you on others every single day of your life? Starting from your family, friends, even colleagues; how important are these people for you to survive each day? We know the answer already. They are very important. Dare we say irreplaceable, in some cases. But we all know that, what’s the point in bringing this up? Well, let us ask you another question? Have you ever given a minute’s thought about the ones who make our lives easier? Our housemaids, delivery men, the mama from your neighborhood grocery store?

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Now that, is food for thought. Keeping this in mind, Pathao has launched the first episode of its latest campaign titled ‘Heroes of Pathao’. This campaign celebrates the ones who make our lives easy and convenient.


Meet Chandan Kumar Das.

Hailing from the district of Magura, Mr. Das is part of Pathao as a full-time Foodman. The man travels throughout the city, going from door to door to deliver food to the customers. He has completed his undergraduate studies and has an Honors’ Degree.

This is the first information that we get to know about Chandan. The campaign sets its hook into the viewers’ minds the second we hear Chandan’s voice. He tells us a brief story of his life leading to his journey with Pathao.

As the campaign progresses, we go through Chandan’s journey as he tells us his story of finishing his studies. After a 5-year stint with a private company, he tells us how Pathao changed his life. Initially, he started out as a part-time employee with Pathao. Gradually, Mr. Das decided to get on-board with Pathao on a full-time basis.

As we reach the end of the campaign, we can safely say that Pathao changed Mr. Das’s life, for the better.


Pathao launched this campaign primarily with two things in mind, as we can expect. First, to attain peak brand visibility leveraging employee branding. On the other hand, Pathao wanted to bring in an element of empowerment for the brand, and its followers. Regardless, we reckon that the campaign was successful in doing both.

A truly immersive campaign, with a well-rounded visual story-telling. In our opinion, the most impactful part of the campaign is its core message. A message which truly resounds the words:

কাজের কোনো ছোট বড় নেই

It’s needless to say that service like Pathao has emerged as a welcome relief for hundreds of youths who now can dream of living better with income opportunities. Students to part-time or even full-time workers are taking to the sector to get enough income to meet the significant cost of living in our urban ecosystem.

What are your thoughts on Pathao’s latest campaign? For more updates, stay with Markedium.

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