McDonald’s India Makes Burgers Enjoyable for All2 min read

Living with a physical disability can be a difficult trial. Doing some of the most basic tasks can feel excruciating, while people staring can make it embarrassing. In a world where a person with a physical disability can feel at a disadvantage, McDonald’s plans to make their lives a little bit easier. It might not seem like much, but the brand tends to set a standard with its EatQual campaign.

A Campaign for Confidence

The EatQual campaign features a video advertisement that shows a lady with limited hand mobility timidly make her way to the cashier. Her struggle is visible as she struggles with her purse to pay for her burger. She can feel everyone’s eyes on her as she completes payment. Nervousness seems to grip her as she sees a woman using both hands to eat a burger. However, a flood of relief goes through her when she discovers the EatQual package.

McDonald’s has made eating burgers an absolute joy for those with upper hand mobility. The packaging is ergonomic and allows the burger to be eaten with one hand. As the advertisement shows, people with upper hand mobility can feel at home here. Their comfort and convenience matter too.

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A heartwarming advertisement with a strong message at the core, McDonald’s has done a fine job of making the disabled feel comfortable. Their comfort matters and they too can enjoy the experience of eating a burger with ease.

Considering the Crippled

Eating a burger at a fast-food joint can seem impossible to those with a hand disability. Having to handle the delicacy with care while trying to enjoy the meal can be very difficult with one hand. The sheer embarrassment of mishandling the burger and having the sauce dripping on your clothes is scary. Thoughts like these discourage the disabled from eating out and biting into the meaty goodness of a burger.

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McDonald’s seems to understand the plight of the disabled and introduced the EatQual system to permanently remove this problem. Introducing an absolutely revolutionary packaging, the EatQual box is a welcome option for those with limited hand mobility.

What do you think about McDonald’s recent campaign? For more updates, stay tuned to Markedium!

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