Nestle’s Victory Day Campaign Will Give You the Definition of True Victory2 min read

During the liberation war, our forefathers put their lives on the line for their country. Many sacrificed their lives in the war, while others faced oppression beyond words. Within all these sacrifices, some put their lives on the line, to save others. In their latest campaign, Nestle pays homage to the ones who put their lives at stake.

In celebration of our victory day, Nestle visualized one such unknown story of a man. A man who dedicated his life in saving the lives of others.


This is the story of Niyamot Ali. A man who put his life on the line during the battle to help a freedom fighter’s family cross the border.

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In the initial scenes of the campaign, we see an aged Niyamot Ali on his bed, speaking to his son. He informs his son about a man from whom he took 100 TK, without permission. We can see the son’s visible reaction, determined to repay the money. As the son travels to return the money, he comes across the home of a freedom fighter.

In an age-old traditional black plate, the name Bir Muktijoddha Rafiqur Rahman was visible. As the son enters the house, he finds an old man reading his daily newspaper on the second floor. Upon his introduction, we see the son realizing the importance of his father in the life of the man he just met.

The following scenes take us though a journey of the freedom fighter’s family back in 1971. We see the incredible contribution of Niyamot Ali in aiding the family to cross the border. Between the scenes, we can relate to the emotional journey that Niyamot Ali went through. As we come back to reality, we are met with the sheer gratefulness of the freedom fighter’s family towards Niyamot Ali.

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The campaign ends with the freedom fighter re-connecting with Niyamot Ali after years, in a video call.


This campaign by Nestle stands as a testament to quality storytelling. It’s incredible how you can bring out such pure emotions with simplistic visuals. Through this campaign, the brand urged all of us to pay our respects to all the unsung heroes who put their lives on the line to gift others a beautiful future.

An emotional campaign, bring us down to tears, with an incredibly impactful message.

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