Teer Celebrates A United Bangladesh In Victory Day Campaign2 min read

“Bijoy (Victory)”; a word synonymous with every Bangladeshi in their hearts and souls. The word resembles the biggest pride that we, as a nation hold. This word depicts the struggles of millions of freedom fighters, both on and off the field. Their incredible sacrifices contributed in us attaining our victory as a sovereign country. Today, we stand as an independent country, victorious in gaining our identity from the hands of our opposition. In celebration of our 50th Victory Day, Teer launched a campaign portraying a united Bangladesh.


The campaign starts off with a woman in her every day walk of life. We get to know the name of the woman, Bijoy. An uncommon name for a woman to have? You’re right. It is uncommon. She was given the name ‘Bijoy’ by her father, a freedom fighter. Her father wanted to come back attaining victory to see his daughter having the same name, Bijoy. He never came back.

Moving forward, we meet another man. His name? Bijoy. Born in 1990, his name was also given by his father, a freedom fighter. He wanted to leave a mark of victory through his son.

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The next scene takes us to the indigenous areas of the country, where we meet another Bijoy. He was born on the 25th anniversary of our victory.

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As we progress through the campaign, we meet many such Bijoys of our country scattered all over. From our Bijoy who was born on the day of our victory in 1971, to our Bijoy who was named to symbolize the blood, sweat and tears of all those who sacrificed their lives to give us our victory, we are all Bijoys.


We are all Bijoys, in our own worlds. But are we the same?

We’re not.

We come from diversified backgrounds; from different classes, religions, and ethnicity. But we are all united in one aspect; we are all independent, sovereign. We are all Bangladeshis, and we are proud.

Teer did a splendid job in upholding this message perfectly all throughout the campaign. From the first second to the very last of the campaign, Teer visualized the beauty of a discrimination-free, united Bangladesh. A Bangladesh where we cherish the stories of our victory, and carry the essence of our pride in our hearts.

What are your thoughts on the latest campaign by Teer? For more updates, be with Markedium.

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