Bkash Celebrated This Year’s Father’s Day With The Stories of Young Fathers2 min read

This year’s Father’s Day-related content from local brands has certainly made noteworthy changes in style! bKash, the leading mobile financial service provider in Bangladesh, has created two bite-sized content to celebrate young fathers’ journey for this year’s occasion.

The love of young fathers: simple, random but full of affection

Two Only 10-second-long videos were uploaded from bKash’s social media platforms on the earlier day of the occasion. In the first video, we see a man with his full concentration on his laptop screen trying to apprehend maybe something pretty complex. Then he finally decided on something and we see the frame changing to capture a small hand.

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The young man takes a henna cone in hand and starts to draw on his daughter’s hand. So, he was actually trying to find a henna design online to draw onto his daughter’s hand!

The simplicity, cuteness, and relevance of the short video are simply outstanding. The frames, colors, and background score just complimented the total execution. The first few seconds create a moment of anticipation for the audience to know what is he looking so deeply into his computer! The rest of the seconds successfully give the twist through the transition breaking the seriousness and anticipation of the audience into a warm-fuzzy feel.

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The second uploaded short video follows a similar style of presentation. A man with a t-shirt written ‘eat, sleep, repeat’ in front is in deep sleep. The entire screen presence gives a vibe of a typical bachelor young man living his life kind of feel. Suddenly the electricity goes off and the man reaches out for a handmade fan (haat-pakha) without even breaking his sleep!

The moment he starts fanning, the camera pans out and the full screen shows that the young father was actually lying with his young toddler and both are sleeping. But as soon as the fan goes out, his fatherly instinct made him fan his toddler to keep protecting it from breaking from sleep.

Cute, crisp, straightforward

The entire ambiance of the two videos was simple without any traditional flashy background or jingle. It was free of any artistic noise and the overall execution was highly commendable. To directly tell the story of the young father’s journey of becoming the father who’s always available for his kids’ whims and needs just within a 10-second time length is praiseworthy. And creating a climax or anticipation among the audience within this same length is proof of artistry. Overall, these two videos successfully delivered their purpose by radiating the right emotions from the audience for this particular occasion. Kudos to the creative team for such crisp and fresh content coming out of traditional emotion-emitting gestures.

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