A Parent By Choice, But A Father By Love: Fresh Happy Nappy4 min read

Fresh Happy Nappy Showed The Unique Story Of Human-Bond On Father’s Day’s Occasion!

In recent years, the advertising industry of Bangladesh has been creating content on the eve of the Father’s Day celebration much more regularly than ever. This year, Fresh Happy Nappy has caught the audience’s attention with a heart-warming story. On the verge of Father’s Day, Fresh has collaborated with Bidyanondo Foundation bringing a crucial yet overlooked theme to the mainstream media content.

A 2:36 minute-long OVC was uploaded on Fresh Happy Nappy’s Facebook Page on June 18. The common trend of lengthy story-telling, especially observed in different occasion-based content, is becoming more mainstream over online platforms these days.

A home chose a child to give happiness

The OVC starts its journey in an orphanage where a couple just signed the documents of adoption. An orphan girl of around 10-12 years old, named ‘Nodi’, has her bags packed to embark on her new journey with a family she has been deprived of for a long. The feeling of uncertainty, anticipation, and curiosity is visible on her face. Entering the new home that hasn’t been feeling like home yet, she looks around with eager eyes when the father gives her a tour of her ‘own’ room. The room every kid must have dreamed about, with colorful drawings and toys everywhere, a rather homely bed, and a father who was more than happy to give his child a safe place to sleep on.

Even though everything is so endearing to just watch, Nodi’s fidgety eyes cannot be overlooked. Her anxiousness is visible, she is not comfortable with her ‘new’ parents yet. It is not hard to predict what her emotions are behind such uneasiness. A completely different world than her usual one, a new home to cope with, a new ambiance, and new parents. Her world was changed overnight. Without much thought, she had to enter this world that can make her young soul distressed. Even her parents could watch her feelings through her eyes.

A father embracing fatherhood by choice

There is this special love and affectionate bond that the fathers and daughters have for uncounted years. Unfortunately, Nodi has never experienced that bond yet. But same as her, the newly become father has never experienced the emotions of fatherhood. He never had a child who was born and brought up in this home. He never changed the diapers, spent sleepless nights for his child, or even experienced the first day at school. Still, he chose fatherhood. And you can see his effort through the screen. He reads stories to his daughter, tries to make her laugh, make her comfortable in the house, and solve her unsolved puzzles.

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The pure bond of selfless love is easily transcended. The child once without the experience of parents’ love could feel that. Nodi was slowly becoming habituated with the home, her new life, and her father’s warmth. She could feel his smallest gestures of care and adoration. Thus, when a neighborhood friend made a card for his father for Father’s Day, she could reciprocate the love for her father. She makes a card where her honest emotions were conveyed to her father on the occasion.

The OVC just showed a strong message of how the beautiful bond of father-daughter was created even without any biological connection. The power of human emotions and love is unbound. Where 44 Lakhs of children in Bangladesh are living without a father’s love, Fresh Happy Nappy created a beautiful OVC to lend a hand of care and support to them. Coming out of the general concepts of parenthood, Fresh Happy Nappy successfully delivered a strong human-bond story that requires to be talked about.

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In association with Bidyanondo Foundation, Fresh Happy Nappy diaper would give a portion of its sales revenue to the orphan kids who are deprived of such love in life. Even with a lengthy story-telling choice, the brand successfully delivered the message of support for orphan children. In addition, it is a great initiative by the brand to extend this message by supporting the cause as well.   

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