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Bangladesh is about to celebrate the 49th victory day on the upcoming December 16th. To commemorate the special occasion, Nestle Bangladesh has initiated its latest campaign to make people truly rethink the meaning of freedom again.

Nestle Bangladesh conceptualized the campaign in such a manner that it makes the audience understand their responsibility towards our beloved Bangladesh.

The film tried to portray one simple agenda- Our freedom fighters have done their part in achieving today’s Bangladesh and now it’s our responsibility to build Bangladesh for the future.

The Build-Up

The campaign story dictates as the son of one of the late valiant freedom fighters visits his village to complete his father’s funeral. While the story moves on, we found out that, the son requested his father several times to leave the village and stay with him. But the late father who fought against the Pakistan army denies leaving each time. For what?


For Bangladesh! The piece of land for which he fought without thinking about his life. He just couldn’t leave the country.

Let’s watch the campaign:

As the story progresses, we can see that the son was tensed about having a proper funeral as there was no one left from his family in the village. But the scenario was quite the opposite in the end! There was a big crowd to pay their last tribute to one of our brave freedom fighters.

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The main message of the campaign came in the end when the son expressed his delight seeing such a crowd for his father’s funeral. A senior character told the son-

“The flag needs to be on the casket, you can not carry this alone, son!”

What does this line imply?

With that specific line, Nestle Bangladesh just tried to explain the responsibility we have towards our country and the job isn’t an easy one. Our freedom fighters have done their part of the job and now it’s our turn. They have earned a place for us on the global map and now it’s our job to keep that place safe and secured.

Brilliantly done by Nestle Bangladesh!

Is there any other campaign that caught your eyes on the eve of this year’s victory day? If there is any then let us know and be with Markedium.

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