This Ramadan, Click Extends Help To Spread Wind of Comfort3 min read

RFL’s electronic product brand Click has launched a heartwarming campaign in this holy month of Ramadan. On April 2nd, a 1:24 minute-long OVC was published from Click’s social media pages showing the tradition of Iftar and prayers in our culture. The OVC shared a timely initiative by Click to install Click fans on selected Mosques around the country that need fans in this blazing summer weather.

The culture of Iftar and Tarawih prayer in Bangladesh

The OVC started in a background of rural area in Bangladesh, as the iftar time is near people are gathering in the local mosque with iftar from nearby households. Youngers are seen to distribute food and drinks for iftar among elders. All have secured a place on the premise of the mosque to have iftar with everyone. The arrangement is simple, but its worth is in the happiness to have iftar with everyone. As the time for Tarawih nears, fellow Muslims again gather around the mosque for prayer. Regardless of age, all stand in solidarity to pray towards the divine.

This is a common practice in almost all mosques and areas in Bangladesh during this month of Ramadan. Anyone with their root in this culture can relate to this beautifully portrayed culture of sharing and compassion in Bangladesh.

Rise of a problem and the solution by Click

As the OVC progresses, the people attending the Tarawih prayer are seen to be in distress due to the heat of summer. Everyone is sweating profusely during the prayer as the fans in the mosque have become old and worn out. The spread of air is not able to cover everyone in the room. After the prayers, the local youths sat on a tea stall and started discussing this issue as their elders were having a hard time focusing on the prayer due to the summer heat. One among them suggests that they could manage some electric fans, but it is expensive for them to afford such a cost.

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The problem is directly stated in this scene and the solution approaches as well. Another youth mentions going to Click’s Facebook page and they start to send a message to the page stating their problem.

The approach of Click to this problem

Click has launched this campaign to collect a list of religious institutions that are in dire need of fans in this time of extreme weather. People can share the pictures of these places of worship, regardless of the religion, in comments and Click would reach with their fans to the selected ones. They would accept submissions till 10th April for this campaign.

This campaign is a CSR approach of Click addressing a real problem that many religious institutions are facing right now. The campaign is targeted at a timely problem because Muslims around the country spend more time at mosques in Ramadan and are suffering from a scarcity of resources. This problem needs community assistance and Click has done a commendable job addressing this issue and giving solutions at the same time.

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