6 Concept Ideas for Your Victory Day Campaign4 min read

So, are you all set up for the Victory Day marketing campaign or are you still searching the internet for concepts? 16th of December is just around the corner, and brands are already suited up to commemorate the day of freedom. We can expect brands to spend big with several campaigns starting from special deals, freebies to paying tribute to our freedom fighters.

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But if you are still searching for ideas to make your victory day campaign a memorable one, we have compiled 6 concept ideas to help you out for this years’ victory day.

  • Spreading Hope and inspiration to win the post-Covid-19 world.

The coronavirus pandemic is a crisis that we have never seen before. The world is no longer the same as it used to be, and so does Bangladesh. Your customers are still in the process of adapting to the uncalled disruption. In a time like these, your brand needs to be able to respond to help the customers to cope up with the ongoing crisis.

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So, this years’ victory day, why not use the occasion to give the audience some motivation?

  • Paying Tribute to The Modern-Day Freedom Fighters (Frontline fighters during Covid-19)

Going to work during this covid-19 period has placed frontline workers under immense and unprecedented mental and health risk. However, these frontline workers didn’t think once to sacrifice during this nationwide emergency just like our freedom fighters in 1971.

So, why not dedicate your victory day campaign to all these modern-day freedom fighters of our country?

  • Celebrating This Victory Day- the New Normal Way

December 16th, a day to celebrate the right to call ourselves a free nation and commemorate the sacrifice of freedom fighters in 1971. Every year, the nation gets ready to commemorate the day like a festival with sheer respect. However, this year is different. The coronavirus has put the whole world in a state of emergency where gatherings are prohibited.

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Does that mean, we won’t celebrate our day of victory? No way! Victory day should be celebrated with all its value and pride but in the New Normal Way!!

Why don’t you help your audience to figure out how to celebrate this year’s victory in the new normal way?

  • A Recap of 49 Years of Independence- Notable Success Stories

We are about to celebrate our 50th victory day- a big milestone. So, why not use this occasion to remind the nation about the tough roads Bangladesh has crossed and achieved in the last 49 years.

  • Collaborating brand Service with the concept.

Every brand has value for the market. In other words, every brand solves a problem. Your brand can utilize this occasion to make their service more relevant to the customer. It’s more like making the audience feel free from the problem the brand is solving.

  • Thanking Your Competitors

Putting this concept here might be a bit late for execution now, but sometimes your willpower can create miracles. During this covid-19 period, we all starting from an individual level to the business level have gone through a lot. The only reason we are still surviving is that we stood together as one to fight the pandemic.

So, as a brand, will you take the opportunity to thank your other industry players for such valiant efforts to help the nation during this pandemic? You can think of collaborating with your competitors as well to produce something great and set an example for the whole nation!

It’s true that consumer behavior is transforming overnight amidst the pandemic, forcing the brands to re-think their course of action. As customers, all we need from a brand during this crisis is to be a friend in need who not only serves better with their offerings but also helps us to see the future in a better way.  As let’s face it, how brands behave during these trying times will in many ways be indelibly captured within the minds of consumers as they think about the brands in the upcoming future.

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