Jui Once Again Broke Silence On Women Harassment With Its Latest Campaign2 min read

‘Women safety’- a term which is mostly uncommon in Bangladesh. Every day, many girls all around the country are subject to various forms of harassment. From domestic violence, sexual abuse, to extortion, women have an extremely unsafe environment, everywhere. In their latest campaign, Jui targeted the widespread issue in a brilliantly portrayed advertisement.

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From the very first scene of the campaign, you can understand the depth of the issue on display. The background music intertwined with the visual elements truly upheld the stunning message of the campaign.

The scene starts as a working woman enters a lift full of men. As she stands in the middle, we can see the stare of a perverted individual. We can visibly see the discomfort that the woman is facing, feeling the man’s presence behind her.

The scene then shifts to one of the most prominent cases of harassment.

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We see two schoolgirls on their way home when a man passing by intentionally touches one of the girls. We observe the friend of the victim suggesting her to keep her bag in front of her to be safe from unappropriated touching. The brutal reality of our society is portrayed beautifully in this segment.

Throughout the following scenes, we stumble across multiple situations where a woman is helpless on her own. From rape attempts inside buses to child molestation, the visual representation of women’s harassment in the campaign will shake you to your core.


Jui wanted to raise awareness against widespread women harassment and violence prevailing in Bangladesh. In the latter half of the advertisement, they provided a heart-wrecking statistic of the number of rapes per day in Bangladesh. In the same scene, they provided the national helpline against women and children abuse- 109. Furthermore, they promoted their dedicated hotline to raise awareness regarding any such cases, encouraging people to reach out.

  • Jui Hotline: 08 000 888 000
  • Women and children abuse reporting hotline- 109

The campaign represented a wonderful yet impactful message: Our silence is their strength. From now, we will not leave a single hair when it comes to women’s harassment.

A stunning portrayal, with a creative branding by aligning Jui Coconut Oil’s functional benefit with such a vital social cause.

What are your thoughts on Jui’s latest campaign? For more updates, be with Markedium.

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