Notable Global Out of Home Campaigns of 2020- A Markedium Take1 min read

In a year when most of the global population was forced to stay indoor due to the uncalled coronavirus, needless to say, that out-of-home advertising faced the biggest hit. However, during this crying need, there are some OOH campaigns that grabbed our eyes this year.

Let’s have a look:

  • Wear A Mask Billboard | Twitter


  • Honk More, Wait More- The Punishing Signal | Mumbai Police

  • The Spoiler Billboard | Netflix

  • McClassroom | Mcdonald’s

  • Feel It | Coca Cola

14. Feel It Coca Cola

  • Let’s Not Go Back To Normal | Durex

  • Dracula Billboard | BBC

  • Bitten Billboard | McDonald’s

15. McDonalds bitten billboards Fries

  • Chhapaak Movie Outdoor Campaign


  • The Impact Receipt | Asket


  • Her Street | Miami Ad School

  • Monument For The Delivery Workers | AzbukaVkusa,, Ozon, Dodo Pizza, Delivery Club

So, this was our take. Which one did you love the most? Let us know and for more updates, be with Markedium.

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