From The Vault | A Deeper Look Into The Legendary ‘Impossible Is Nothing’ Campaign By Adidas3 min read

Adidas started 2004 with a year-long brand campaign that brought to life the attitude Adidas shares with athletes around the world – the desire to push yourself further, to surpass limits, and to break new ground.

Launched in 2004, Adidas’ “Impossible Is Nothing” campaign stands as a hallmark in their global marketing efforts.

This campaign focused on motivating people by highlighting true stories of athletes and famous personalities who surmounted challenges to attain success in their domains. The core idea of the campaign was to emphasize that with dedication, persistence, and a positive attitude, achieving the impossible becomes feasible.

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Back then, “Impossible is Nothing” was Adidas’ biggest brand advertising campaign in six years. The campaign, which integrated television, print and outdoor advertising, point-of-sale, and Internet, started in the US and eventually launched in Europe the following month.

The campaign was developed by Adidas’ global advertising agency 180/TBWA, the partnership between Amsterdam-based 180 and TBWA\Chiat\Day.

Let’s dig deep into the campaign:-

Casting the right fits

Athletic greats like Muhammad Ali, David Beckham, and Haile Gebrselassie and famous faces like Jonah Lomu and Katy Perry were featured in Adidas’ athlete and celebrity stories. Through sharing their own experiences, these individuals shed light on the obstacles they overcame and the tenacity that propelled them to success.

Campaign Appeal

The campaign’s goal was to appeal to viewers’ emotions by appealing to their desire to overcome adversity and achieve greatness, which is a universal human trait. People would see in these stories the possibility that they, too, could triumph against adversity and realize their dreams.

Realness and Authenticity

The campaign’s focus on the athletes’ and celebrities’ unedited and genuine stories was a way for Adidas to highlight its authenticity. The process and the journey itself, rather than merely the result, were the primary points of emphasis. This strategy’s goals were to make the campaign more approachable and inspiring by forging an authentic bond with the target demographic.

Taking The Adidas Motto Everywhere

Advertising on television, in print, in public spaces, and online allowed the campaign to reach people all over the world. Through its extensive audience reach, Adidas sought to engage individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, reiterating the timeless idea that obstacles can be overcome.


Adidas also worked with other businesses and organizations to increase the reach and effect of their campaign through cross-promotion and collaboration. To further engage customers, the campaign used the prominence of entities like the NBA, FIFA, and Manchester United through partnerships.


The “Impossible Is Nothing” ad campaign had a significant and long-lasting effect on how people saw the Adidas brand. It touched people all across the globe and encouraged them to dream big, work hard, and overcome challenges in their lives.

By highlighting the company’s dedication to excellence, perseverance, and the transformative power of sports, the ad campaign further cemented Adidas’ connection to elite athletes and inspiring narratives.

As a symbol of Adidas’s unwavering faith in the power of the human spirit to triumph over adversity, the slogan “Impossible Is Nothing” became instantly recognizable and was recycled in other advertising campaigns. Years after its debut, the ad is still a potent illustration of the power of genuine narrative and messaging to move and engage audiences.

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