The ‘One More’ That Changes Everything2 min read

Ever wonder what makes the famous athletes who they are? Some might have the misconception that these celebrity athletes have it easy. The reason they are so successful has to be for their natural talent and luck, right? Wrong.

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What separates them from us is the determination, hard work, and their unyielding passion for doing what they do. It is the hours of training day in and day out, but that ‘one more’ makes all the difference. When you are out of breath, your muscles screaming at you to stop, that will do it once more is what takes you to the top.

2020 turned out to be the life-changing year we all wanted, but not in the way we were hoping for. It was supposed to be the year that we prove ourselves to the world. Just like we had important events to look forward to, athletes had big competitions they worked all their life for. When your entire life depends on competing and bringing home that medal, how do you accept the fact that you cannot leave your home?

For the case of most athletes, the infinite hours of training they put in for their big moment that never came yet they are not ready to give up, no matter how hard it gets.

This could have been the perfect excuse to let go of everything and say that there was nothing that they could have done. But their unwavering dream did not allow for that to happen. Confined in their homes, they found creative ways to work their muscles and better their technique, using this time to get stronger, both mentally and emotionally. They’ve reworked their vision to achieve an even broader goal to tackle 2021.

When they’ve waited their whole lives for their moment to shine, what’s one more year?

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