Coca Cola Reminds Us the Importance of Family2 min read

The older we get, the busier we are, and the less time we have to spend on the one thing that deserves our attention the most. In between the hustle and bustle of getting our lives together and achieving goals, we don’t tend to spare much thought to our family.

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But when the pandemic caused the whole world to go on a pause, we found ourselves turning to the one constant of our lives. During the last few months, our families offered a sense of solace and semblance normalcy that we’d find nowhere else. Be it our career or social life, everything was put on hold. But the warmth of conversations and laughter shared over dinner with family did not dwindle.

Coca Cola always made it a point to highlight the precious bond shared between loved ones in every one of their campaigns. But their recent one, made specifically with the global pandemic in mind, really reminds us of the importance of family. In the event of feeling hopeless and despair, we found ourselves and together we healed the best we could.

The emotional campaign, created by Anamoly, USA, touched a piece of our hearts and opened our eyes to the truth. More than the food itself, the best part of a shared meal is the people around you. The loving words you exchange, and the memories you create while preparing the meal. This is something that no force on earth can replace or destroy. Not even something that has the power to stop the world.

Going back to our roots, spending wholesome time with our dear ones, this last few months, while extremely hard and It really puts things into perspective. The most important things deserve more of our time, and every single second is worth savoring.

What did you think about Coca Cola’s campaign? Let us know, and for more marketing news, stay with Markedium.

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