Shwapno Cleverly Responds To The Recent Controversy2 min read

As if the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown of the nation aren’t bad enough, the recent controversy of the distribution of fake products has left everyone alarmed. Unless and until you are super cautious when purchasing products, it is very hard to spot fakes.

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Starting from the brand logo to the coloring and shape of the packaging. Nowadays It does not take much effort to replicate products. especially when the ones which are highly demanded by consumers. In some cases, accidentally buying such dupes may as well be gambling with your life.

The best way to tackle these situations and ensuring the safety of you and your family is to always have a sharp eye. But then again, sometimes there is just no way to know so shop from trusted retailers only.

This controversy has also affected all the retailers in the country. Everyone is in a cloud of doubt, unsure where to make purchases from. Shwapno’s campaign in response did not only hit the spot but cleverly tied in the COVID-19 situation seamlessly.

Taking a typical quarantine scenario, the ad opens up to highlight the different spelling of ‘Savlon’ in a bottle that the father purchased. There was no denying that the product was a replica. It showed if you are not careful enough how easy it is to get fooled. The underlying message of the campaign was that Shwapno is a trusted retailer where customers can shop at ease without the fear of accidentally purchasing fake products.

The brand cleverly played out this scenario. They showed one of the most important products which are used by everyone. The use of authentic products is crucial, however, there are extremely sensitive cases such as the case for antiseptics.

What did you think of Shwapno’s response to the controversy? Let us know, and for more Bangladeshi advertising news, stay with Markedium.

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