When Locked In, Glam Out | Lux’s Words of Encouragement during Hard Times.2 min read

Self-care and setting aside time for self-pampering holds way more significance than people give credit for. We are always so strung out with our busy schedule, that taking even 30 mins of our day to do something we truly enjoy, can do wonders for the body and soul. And right now, we need that more than we ever did before.

The simple act of waking up early to dress up for the day brings a much-needed semblance of normal into our lives. While taking the time to do our hair and makeup might not save the world and its never-ending problems, it does make us feel better, and that is just as important. After all, there is some truth to the saying; ‘when you look good, you feel good’.

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With the same notion in mind, Lux recently released their new campaign, “When Locked In – Glam Out!”, encouraging women all across the globe to #StayBeautifulStayStrong. Using only a short 1-minute video, the brand managed to convey a very important message.

Watch The Campaign

Women, from various backgrounds, are seen pulling out all the stops in getting ready as they complete mundane tasks like taking out the trash, cooking lunch, or grocery shopping. And who can blame them? If you are having fun doing what you love, let nothing stop you. Looking and feeling gorgeous is just an additional bonus!

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A very soothing and uplifting song was used as a background for this campaign, which fit perfectly with the overall theme and message. All in all, the video gave of an empowering vibe as if we have the power to conquer anything we set our mind to.

We hope you are staying beautiful and strong during these challenging times too. What did you think of Lux’s new campaign and the message they tried to portray? Let us know, and for the latest news in marketing, stay with Markedium.

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