Gratitude and the Art of Giving Back with Walton on Teachers’ Day2 min read

Every year, 5th October gives us the chance to remember and pay respect to those individuals who have made us the people we are today – our teachers. This time around, Walton has taken the opportunity to showcase the story of Johir Gazi, a teacher with his career spanning over 25 years, in an online video commercial for Walton Rice Cooker.

The commercial, focusing on the veteran teacher, shows his day from the early hours of dawn. He is seen to be riding his bicycle and then taking a boat to reach a wet market where he purchases fish. Further, into the commercial, we can see the teacher cooking said fish, setting it aside for later.

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On his way back from the market, he is told that the Education Officer is coming for a visit. The education officer is shown to be a well-dressed young man who takes great interest in the performance of the school. He initiates a classroom visit, during which he sees Johir Gazi and upon seeing him, bows in respect.

At this point, the Education Officer introduces himself as Roton, an alumnus of the school, reminding the teacher of the numerous meals he has had at the teacher’s house during his school years. Before he exits the classroom, the teacher asks him to come over for another meal later in the day.

Here, a sepia-toned flashback sequence tells us the story of Roton when he was a young boy under the pupilage of Johir Gazi. The teacher finds him in a classroom during lunch break and asks whether he has eaten or not. Roton’s facial expression tells us that his skipping a meal goes far beyond simply not wanting to eat. This leads the teacher to bring him, along with a few other students to his house, where he offers them a meal.

The OVC cuts to the present day, where the teacher ushers a few of his students home just like he did all those years ago with Roton. Upon arriving, he sees Roton setting up tables and chairs in the yard. Roton then gifts him a Walton Rice Cooker as gratitude for all the meals his teacher has cooked for him, and all the meals he will be cooking for his underprivileged students in the coming years. Roton also cooks rice in the cooker to give back to his beloved teacher.

While the OVC does not highlight the features or specifications of Walton Rice Cooker, it does an incredible job of upholding the spirit of teaching and the impact a good teacher, like Johir Gazi, can have on a person. Something as simple as a meal can help children like Roton grow up to become self-sufficient, thus cementing the position of teachers as the backbone of the nation.

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