This Teachers’ Day, ‘Shikho’ Salutes Educators Who ‘See Differently’2 min read

Learning is not a one-shoe-fits-all process. Methods that work for one may not work for others – and there are teachers who respect this individuality, the uniqueness of each student, and take it into account to go the extra mile for each and every one of their pupils. This teachers’ day, Shikho, one of the leading digital learning platforms of the country, is paying respect to such educators.

The online video commercial starts in a classroom, where a chemistry teacher notices one of his pupils hesitating to answer a question. He keeps the student back after hours and shows him a practical example, thus clarifying any confusion the student may have had regarding the topic.

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Then we follow a teacher who puts on a play to demonstrate the 1952 Language Movement and a basketball coach who motivates one of her players in the face of defeat to get up and try again. Then we see a pair of physics teachers – Ms. Dilshad who introduces her students to wires, circuits, and such practice before diving into the textbook, and Mr. Yaqub, who rides a bicycle on the school field to demonstrate a chapter. Both teachers make the effort to help students get rid of the common fear students have in association with STEM subjects.

The OVC also focuses on Mr. Yaqub taking online classes, showing his willingness and ability to adapt to the times. It also shows the unnamed basketball coach staying back after hours to work out new strategies for her team.

All these efforts lead to various types of accomplishments for their students. Whether it be answering questions in class, overcoming the fear of certain subjects, or winning a match – nothing goes in vain.

The digital learning platform is focused on adapting to technology, learning in one’s own ways, and with methods that fit each unique student the best. With this OVC, Shikho not only pays homage to teachers but they have also successfully portrayed what they believe in as an organization.

With Shikho’s campaign, we can take a while to truly appreciate the educators who chose to ‘see differently’ and mold us into the people we are today.

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