Shikho and Chanchal Chowdhury Teamed Up For Its First National Integrated Campaign3 min read

Shikho- the country’s prominent ed-tech platform, has recently launched its first national integrated campaign starring Chanchal Chowdhury. Since 2019, Shikho has been building a hyper-localized digital learning ecosystem with a mission to revolutionize learning in Bangladesh. The latest campaign from Shikho is evidence of the company’s commitment to making learning easy and digitized for the new generation. 

Let’s dive deep! 

‘Now everyone will learn, and everyone will win.’- the campaign starts with this powerful statement from Chanchal Chowdhury, which states the commitment of Shikho to making learning easy and empowering the nation. 

If we look at the education ecosystem of Bangladesh just a few years back, we can just say- 

It’s outdated, a huge hassle for the parent, and puts tremendous pressure on the students with a lack of availability of proper guidelines and equal opportunities for the whole nation. 

As the campaign goes by, Shikho addresses the issue in the ecosystem and gives us the view of how ed-tech platforms like itself are solving the problem and empowering the next generation. 

shikho and Chanchal Chowdhury Collabo collaboration

For example:

👉 Assuring Quality Education Every Corner of Bangladesh

As we see in the campaign, through the Shikho platform, one can easily access the global standard educational elements regardless of where they are in the country. 

As the copywriting states, 

মহাখালী না মহেশখালি , কোথায় আছি ব্যাপার না । 

আমি যেখানে , শিখি সেখানে !

Translation: Mohakhali or Moheshkhali, it doesn’t matter where one is; now, we can learn from anywhere. 

👉 It Gives The Student Some Breathing Space 

If you look back on your own educational journey, I am sure you have already become tired. It was all about those coaching centers, private notes, and a hassle some routine. 

Since the inception of Ed-Tech platforms, this hassle journey has become more fun and interesting. It makes learning easy, modernized, and impactful, creating a positive statement about the student’s mental health. Why? 

Because now they have some control over their study and can make their own routine. And the campaign explained just that. 

👉 Giving An Equal Platform to Win

Since, Shikho is ensuring quality education with its extraordinary study elements (animated videos, brilliant mentors, study notes and interactive sessions, etc.) for everyone, allowing everyone to win and become successful. Evidently, it’s helping the nation to strive for the future. 

More importantly, it’s also making a parent’s life easier. 

The Jingle and keynote: 

The main essence of the campaign was the particular phrase in the jingle- Ami Shikhbo, Ami Jitbo- which states the need and urge of our generation to have a better opportunity to learn and shine in life. With the introduction of the Jingle and the phrase, Shikho stated its commitment to ensuring that.

However, we believe the composition of the overall jingle could have been a bit better. 

The overall campaign indeed explained how Shikho wants to revolutionize the current education industry of Bangladesh, and the selection of Chanchal Chowdhury as the ambassador was just spot on to communicate the message. 

Let us know your thoughts about the campaign, and for more updates on the creative world of Bangladesh, be with Markedium

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