To What Extent Would You Go In search of Fresh Food? -Walton Smart Fridge3 min read

Walton uploaded a new OVC in its social media channels for its new addition to electronic appliances: Walton Smart Fridge with an interesting concept. Before digging deeper into that, quick question for you- To what Extent Would You Go In search of Fresh Food?? Well, this ad might have a story tell.

How far will you go for fresh food?

The OVC starts with a couple starting a trip at dawn in their car and we see a more of rural Bangladesh and its pastoral appeal. Rather the appeal of food mostly! As they reach a riverside, they ride a boat with fishermen catching live fish from the river. They take the fish and move to fields full of vegetables. The couple starts collecting fresh vegetables from the fields and fills their car with cauliflower, tomatoes, red chilies, carrots, and whatnot! At this point, you’re here just to get jealous of this experience, no matter how cinematic it seems, if grocery shopping was this much fun who would procrastinate for it!

The couple will not stop here, to inform you! Now they are fetching plums from trees, having tea in an open field while a milkman is storing fresh milk for them in bottles. After hoarding fish, vegetables, and milk, what lacks on the list? Protein!

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So they move to a rural household, and suddenly every one of the houses is chasing this chicken to hunt down. And finally, it gets caught by the husband and things are settled. The checklist is done and they move toward home with a fully loaded grocery for next week.

Shopping is done, but fresh storage?

As they reach home, the biggest question that would loom in the audience’s head is: how would you keep them fresh for long after such an adventurous journey for fresh food?

And here enters the product of the story, Walton Smart Refrigerator with advanced moisture control and bacteria-free technology would be your savior for the coming days. Now, you don’t have to travel such miles to grab fresh food items actually! Rather, when all your necessary fresh groceries come to your nearest market from all over Bangladesh, you can easily do your shopping from there and leave the responsibility of keeping them fresh to Walton Smart Refrigerator. Just collect fresh, and Walton will keep them fresh!

Catching jingle with an eye-catching concept

Throughout the OVC, one thing would hook you instantly and that’s the jingle part. Absolutely amazing attempt at a fun jingle in fusion style. The lyrics are easy to hear and just catchy enough to get you on board with the journey. The cinematography just layers this visual experience with the question ‘why can’t we go on such shopping?’ than actually questioning if someone would actually go on a literal trip for fresh food. The visuals will make sure you’re up for this trip!

However, there is one thing that could have been better for the ad, the total time! 2 min and 23 seconds for communication like this seemed a bit far-fetched.

Overall, a fun experience of advertisement is ensured fully while not overselling the main product. A good attempt to resonate with the brand with fresh food and it was a quite successful attempt overall.

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